Call for Performances / Dance Pieces

Call for Performances / Dance Pieces

Deadline: June 25th, 2017

The third edition of DANCE IN RESPONSE will take place from November 9th to 11th, 2017 in the Kleinen Michel in Hamburg. The theme this year is „PERFORMING COMMUNITAS – OPEN BODIES“.

In this extraordinary place, an experimental (nondenominational) ‘play-space’ is created for contemporary dance and performance art, a space in which the artists can enter an open dialog with each other, as well as with the audience. Up to seven choreographers or artist collectives will be invited to present their works on this year’s theme. Choreography is broadly understood here, and it can range from dance and performance to installation and other interdisciplinary forms. The high-ceilinged and bright performance space, with a special architectural structure, allows for extraordinary theatre situations and a close proximity to the audience. In addition, moments of silence before and after each performance open up to another reception experience and allow a special attention to the works on display. Established artists as well as new and emerging artists are equally welcome.

Discussions, keynote speeches, workshops and moments of silence will allow us to reflect on the performances in relation to this year’s festival theme and the overarching question of responsibility – RESPONSE-ability: What possibilities of ‘response’ do I have, as an artist, to the various challenges of life and society?


For the next three years, DANCE IN RESPONSE will be focused intensively on the theme „PERFORMING COMMUNITAS“. It deals with the connective phenomenon which emerges between people during a performance and puts the theatre’s community building aspect into the foreground. The artists are invited to raise questions and to explore them artistically with a focus on the following sub-topic:

  • OPEN BODIES – The aspects of opening and closing: In which state am I open to meet and connect with other people? What are the characteristics of an open, respectively closed, body and mind? Does community need delimitation?

These questions, among others are an invitation to discover the relevance of community in theatre, as well as in today’s society. We are excited to hear your ideas!

About the Festival Spirit

DANCE IN RESPONSE is a small festival and therein lies its charm: the artists come together with the audience in a direct exchange and, in this way, they can get to know each other better and network. In addition, the moments of silence before and after each performance open up to another reception experience and allow a special attention to the works on display. We call upon participants who wish to spend all festival days with us in the church, if possible, and who wish to see the other performances, take part in workshops and engage in dialog – in other words, to go into response. Moreover, we are looking for a readiness to help the other artists and the festival team during the free afternoons before the performances. Last year’s experiences have shown that a special, communal atmosphere is possible.

What we offer:

  • a performance fee of 250€ for each artist
  • different performance venues: stage (min. 7mx8m, dance flooring available), church entrance (outdoor), or foyer
  • basic light and sound tech (LED-lights, church’s sound system)
  • a light and sound technician (we cannot pay your own technician)
  • delicious food and drinks, also during the day
  • possibility to offer a workshop (self-organized and with own conditions) in the church on Friday morning, November 10th, please apply for it

What you bring:

  • accommodations and travel expenses cannot be reimbursed at this point (but we can help in the search for private accommodations)
  • readiness to adjust light and sound to the given technical equipment


  • applications from all over Germany and abroad can be sent until June 25th, 2017
  • please applications by E-Mail to
  • applications must include (combined in a PDF of max. 4 pages):
    • a short description of the project with visuals or video link
    • technical and space requirements
    • a short biography and roles of each participant
    • motivation for the participation and how the piece relates to the festival theme

More information about the festival is available on this website and at

We look forward to your applications!


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