Shout-Out by Frida Laux

Frida Laux Shout-Out „a gathering is a possible beginning” ist Teil der Videoinstallation “The Pigeon”, die ihr am Freitag, 10.11.17, 19 Uhr, bei DANCE IN RESPONSE erleben könnt. In Form eines choreographierten Textes befragt die Choreographin die Bedeutung des „Wirs”.

The Shout-Out by Frida Laux „a gathering is a possible beginning” is part of the video installation “The Pigeon”, which you can experience on Friday the 11th of November at DANCE IN RESPONSE. Based on a choreographed text, Frida Laux questions the meaning of „we”.


Choreography: Frida Laux
Videoinstallation: Julia Novacek
When: 10.11.17, 19 H
Videostill: (c) Julia Novacek

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