Shout-Out by Yasna Schindler

Die performative Intervention YOU SEE WHAT YOU SEE von Yasna Schindler am Donnerstag, 09.11. und Freitag, 10.11., um 18 Uhr setzt sich mit der Erfahrbarkeit von Zeit auseinander. Mit dieser Performance entwickelt sich eine Körperlandschaft, die zum verweilen einlädt. Der Zuschauer hat die Möglichkeit den sich ständig verändernden Körper der Performern aus seiner eigenen Perspektive zu sehen, so entsteht ein Zeitraum für eigene Wahrnehmung und Poesie. 
Lest hier Yasna Schindlers Shout-Out zum Thema PERFORMING COMMUNITAS –open bodies:


The beauty of seeing 

What happens in our brain while seeing?
The brain and its surrounding are undoubtedly in constant exchange.
The brain receives through the sense organs information about the surroundings and reflects immediate response according tostructures and information which are already settled in the memory.
Seeing means on the one side conscious and unconscious reception of images which arise in the eye, and on the other hand the
interpretation of the brain.
The Selection of outside information, which reaches us, is strongly stamped through our culture and personal biography.
To a large extent seeing consists of recognizing images, which are already printed in our memory. Seeing is defined as recognition.

The performative intervention YOU SEE WHAT YOU SEE by Yasna Schindler on Thursday, 09.11. and Friday, 10.11., starts at 6 p.m..
This performance develops a body landscape that invites you to linger. The viewer has the opportunity to see the constantly changing body of the performers from his own perspective, thus creating a period for your own perception and poetry. The performance deals with the experience of time. 
Choreography: Yasna Schindler

When: 9.11. & 10.11., 18 H
Photo: (c) Maciej Rusinek



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